CordeUS is a non-profit organization focused on connecting and enriching the musical cultures between France and the United States. 



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  • CordeUS facilitates the integration of American musicians into French culture by social networking. 

  • The Académie Anglicorde brings American teachers to Paris to offer their ideas, styles, and experiences to young French instrumentalists. The first edition will take place during the Toussaint school break in October 2013. 

  • We support cultural projects such as "UNreel", a interdisciplinary show melding French and American cinema, theatre, and contemporary music.

  • In France, we provide information sessions introducing the American music world (studies, music festivals, organizing tours, jobs) to French students and professionals. 



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AssoAssociation CordeUS, 190 rue Gallieni, 92100 Boulogne. email: contact.cordeus@gmail.com. portable: 07 50 92 49 30